© Colin Teevan 2011

Dissertation Design:
Design Collectives and the influence of Culture
and Communities.

For one of my University projects I decided to design a vessel for my dissertation. I first considered how people would access it and deduced that it was very unlikely my essay would ever make it onto the bookshelf of the local library. I then decided that if I could make it free and easy to access for everyone I was more likely to have it reach an audience.

My design is a pdf book that can be printed out from any A4 printer. I chose to design it this way as I believed most people would have an A4 printer along with their home computer. Viewers can then download, print and construct their own copy.

The book is designed to be as simple to produce as possible. Each layout is to be printed on a single side of the paper to save complications with double side printing, all the text is printed in black ink as it was the ink people would most likely have a lot of in their printer, and the whole book is intended to be held together by a single elastic band.

I loved working with the restrictions I placed on this brief and had a great deal of fun exploring the limitations and options available. If the subject of the book does not interest people I hope the construction of it does.