© Colin Teevan 2011
Watermark Publication

A publication for the “Words by the Water”
Literature festival.

Working alongside fellow designer Leanne Swift I was asked to produce a publication that would showcase the work of journalist students from the University of Cumbria.

The project focused on being sophisticated and youthful in design to accompany the students writing abilities. A mature and respectful feel is prominent throughout the design as the journalists’ articles featured many interviews and reviews of the keynote speakers from the festival.

The project was a delight to work on as Leanne and myself worked closely with the journalist team to produce a final design we could all be proud of. All ideas were welcome and it was very inspiring to work with so many individuals who had a strong interest in the design element and not just the content it displayed.

Watermark was such a success that a sister publication was later produced to round off the week long festival.