© Colin Teevan 2011

Skint Festival
Flier Design

A collaborative project with advertising student Sarah Knight. The brief was to create an effective way of promoting a new music festival hosted by Tennents Lager. The festival focuses on being seen as affordable to the working class and students, its key aim being to attract people who have never been to a music festival before due to the high costs.

The flier is designed as a paper aeroplane to help spread word of the festival in a cheap and affordable manner. People are encouraged to pick up and read the aeroplane if they come across one. Once they have read the flier they can then either pass the information onto their friends or randomly launch the plane in any direction; there-by continuing the aeroplane’s information cycle.

Designed to look very urban and rough around the edges, the flier helps strengthen the identity of Skint being about an affordable music experience. The icons on the flier represent three factors of the festival: Scotland, Ballado and Tennents.

There were many restraints with this project as to what kind of information was permitted to be shown on the fliers. However despite these restrictions I enjoyed collaborating with a good friend and I believe we produced a very effective and creative solution to the brief.